How to prepare for your next fundraiser

Summer is in full bloom and it’s never been a better time to start organizing a fundraiser for your favourite cause or organisation. Especially with 2019 here, new year, new you? If your new resolution is to help out more in your community, but you don’t know where to start, try out these tips to get your next big fundraising idea off the ground.

1. Choose a good charity

Whether it is your absolute favourite or one that contributes to a cause you are passionate about, picking out a great charity is always a good starting point.

Once selecting your focus, a great next step is to reach out to that organisation and see if they can help or provide resources for your fundraiser. Many charities are open and excited to help out, so don’t be afraid to ask because you may be surprised with the responses you get!

2. Good idea and theme

Once you have your charity picked out and they are potentially onboard with helping, your next step should be figuring out what kind of fundraiser you want to hold. This is your time to get creative. Try researching online for popular fundraising ideas and try asking friends and family what could work best.

For example, fundraiser ideas like recycling drives could work better for environmental issues, while walkathons and parties would better benefit cancer organisations. It’s all about thinking of the best ways to get people involved in the most efficient way.

Once your idea is set, it’s time to start preparing. Picking a theme and getting decor to accompany your event will ensure that it will be not only memorable but successful too. If you’re looking to hold a fundraiser outdoors this summer, looking into things like confetti and Holi powder will bring your fundraiser to a whole new level.

3. Brand event well and promote

Once all the logistics are taken care of, proper branding and promotion for your event will ensure it turns out successful. Giving away branded t-shirts is always a great strategy, with the profits going to charity, but being active on social media can really help with getting the word out beforehand.

Creating event pages online and getting the details on social media can help pass your fundraiser’s details through the hands of people who wouldn’t have initially heard about it.

Be sure to use all forms of communication you can to get the details out, because the more people that hear about, the more money and awareness goes to your great cause.